Our Naturopathic Wellness Program

Our naturopathic wellness program has no additional fees. Your quoted price will be fixed regardless of the number of injections that might be required to address your concerns. We will not try to sell you any additional therapies, and, as always, the initial round of supplements and medications you receive from us are included in the total price. Our program includes the following:

Naturopathic Consultation & Treatment

An initial comprehensive naturopathic and nutritional consultation is included which covers patient medical history, current medications, patient desires and expected outcomes.

Supplements and Medications

Antioxidant and nutritional IV treatments, herbal nasal sprays, nutritional supplements, and nebulizer treatments are provided as needed for both preparatory and follow-up care.

HCT/P Administration & Follow-Up

The HCT/P therapies are administered according to the methods best suited for your particular condition. Follow-up care is also included to monitor your progress and to update wellness protocols as needed.


We offer structural tissue products at a significantly reduced rate compared to most other clinics. We highly value our patients and aim to be the premier clinic for attainable, advanced wellness. Payment plans are also available.